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  1. Is there an age limit?
  2. Players on our field range from age 13 (minimum) to "older than dirt". Even though our events are part of the FireStorm Youth Event Calendar, there is no maximum age. We encourage youth leaders, parents and all other adults to just get out there and play. Use the opportunity to get in there and set a good example.

  3. What do I need to play?
  4. Are there markers available for rent?
  5. I know the minimum equipment, but what other equipment is allowed? Radios? Grenades? Lasers? Slingshots?
  6. What should I wear to play paintball in the woods?
  7. Do paintballs stain clothing?
  8. How should I care for my paintball clothing?
  9. Will water be available?
  10. Will air refills be available? HPA or CO2?
  11. Will there be a briefing so I know what is going on?
  12. Can I be a team commander?
  13. If I run out of paint, can I buy more?
  14. I've not played (or played very much) before. How much paint will I go through?
  15. Is there a pro-shop on site?
  16. If I have a problem with my marker, CO2/HPA tank, etc. will you fix it for me?
  17. So I'm coming to one of your all-day events. Will there be lunch? Restrooms?
  18. What if I need medical attention/first aid? What about scheduled medications?
  19. Can I take pictures or movies on the field?
  20. Does my parent (or guest) have to pay to watch me?
  21. Do you need someone to help ref?